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New Items Just In & More to Come!:
We've been doing a lot of maintenance work on our site lately to serve you better. We've been adding more items then ever so make sure to check out the new releases section! New interviews are coming soon as well as several new titles from labels like Skin Graft and Southern. Look for a new layout soon!
Redline Welcomes Fudge Sickill Records:
Though Redline has been carrying Fudge Sickill releases for awhile now, we have official added Dan and Tyler from Fudge Sickill to our staff. Dan and Tyler have been active with Chicago music for quite sometime now and we look forward to working with them to bring you the best in Chicago independent music.
'04 Sampler & Showcase:
Though still in its infant stages, Redline is preparing to embark on our fourth summer sampler later this year. Expect labels like Forge Again, Quincy Shanks, Fudge Sickill, Sinister Label, HWC Inc, and a couple of surprise guests to take part. We will also be putting on a release show for the sampler on June 12th at the Bottom Lounge with several of the bands on the sampler. Keep your eyes peeled!
Want Your Record or Link On Our Site?:
In an effort to continue our quest to unite independent music in the Chicagoland area we ask that you send us a link to your site if you are a band, label, or project that is in some way affiliated with independent music in the Chicagoland area. We are also continuing to expand our online catalog so please get in touch if you are a Chicagoland based project that would like to sell your music, clothing, etc through our website. Please contact us through our general contact on the contact page and we will send you a product information form to fill out and send with your item(s) that you'd like to sell. In the future we plan on having this product form on the web. We'll keep you posted.
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